Easily Sell Your Miners

  • 3 Average Sale Time (Days)
  • 330000 $ Amount Paid To Clients
  • 430+ ASICs Shipped

Sell Them Instantly.

Each day, hundreds of potential buyers message and call Asicverse. These miners are eager to
get their hands on ASICs. The same ASICs that you have. You could let it sit, collect dust
and devalue. Or, you could sell it in mere days with Asicverse.

You will have access to a team who has sold $337,495 in ASICs this past week. And has
clients knocking down their door trying to get stock.

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The Experience Has Never Been Easier

Selling by yourself is a hassle. You have to be a marketer, salesman, logistics manager, lawyer, etc. Nobody has time to do that effectively. It’s easy to overlook a small detail. Small mistakes turn into big losses. And big losses hurt.

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Benefits Asicverse

How To Get Them Sold Today

How To Get Them Sold Today
Wouldn’t you like to have access to buyers who are sitting and waiting for your miners? Buyers who are willing to pay more and more for your used equipment? Buyers who have need them today?

You could have access to them. It’s as easy as messaging us, and Asicverse will handle the rest.

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Ease Tab

To get our prices somewhere else, you’d have to spend millions. When it comes to mining crypto, the only thing that matters is break even. You could easily be making more money with the same purchase price.

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Past Deals

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$93,299 43 days ago

Client had Antminer S19's that they were trying to sell for a while.

$32,000 3 days ago

100x Antminer S9 sold to a client in Miami, FL.

$109,399 26 days ago

A foreign client had Antminer S19 90th that he was looking to sell.

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