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New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - February 1, 2022) - Asicverse has
announced a new inventory of semiconductor even at the time of global shortage
during the lockdowns caused by COVID-19 pandemic.

Over the past two years, semiconductors have become notoriously difficult to
find. The COVID-19 pandemic emptied many of the factories producing them and
the sudden increase in working from home caused demand to skyrocket. This
perfect storm of events has left businesses in multiple industries scrambling
to find the supplies they need to stay above water. Unfortunately, many
industry analysts believe the shortage will continue for at least a year or

All of this has squeezed many bitcoin miners as they've watched the price of
bitcoin dramatically increase over the past year. Demand for chips used in
mining has gone up in tandem with bitcoin's price, but the shortage has kept
supply from increasing accordingly. 

Asicverse has stepped into this situation with a unique approach. Rather than
selling its hardware through multiple middlemen, each taking his own cut,
Asicverse has streamlined its process and gone directly to bitcoin miners
themselves. In January and February, Asicverse intends to purchase millions
new and used in hardware inventory.

Craig Caruth Jr., the CEO of Asicverse, explains part of what makes his
company different, "Asicverse has access to exclusive air routes and
connections with industry executives that basically nobody else has." He goes
on to note that this provides Asicverse with unique savings that they're able
to pass on to their customers.

Asicverse provides largescale miners with a variety of products they need,
including S9s and A1246s. The A1246 is a particularly popular model because of
its power and simple installation procedure. 

At the moment, Asicverse primarily works with institutional investors who
require large quantity orders.

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