Disrupt Magazine – Asicverse’s Payment After Delivery Model Is Changing The Bitcoin Mining Industry

Mining bitcoin offers plenty of challenges, especially for those new to the industry. Miners need large amounts of capital, access to affordable energy, an unwavering commitment to the project despite volatility, and reliable equipment.

While finding quality hardware may seem like one of the easiest hurdles to overcome, many an optimistic entrepreneur has found himself at a dead end once he started looking to invest in the necessary equipment. Mining operations require the very best technology available, miners that are fast and efficient. But trying to obtain such hardware during a chip shortage isn’t easy.

Plenty of scammers and dishonest suppliers have taken advantage of this situation, promising new miners the moon while delivering almost nothing. There have been numerous reports of shady online businesses offering expensive crypto mining equipment for sale disappearing after the payment is processed. Meanwhile, there are more than a few well-meaning businesses that simply aren’t equipped or experienced enough to be in the crypto space. They’re reaching far above their heads and failing.

As already noted, one of the biggest ways that unscrupulous hardware suppliers have scammed people is by requiring advance payment. This allows them to vanish once the money is in their bank accounts. Unfortunately, most legitimate suppliers require advance payment as well. This can leave prospective crypto miners with little clarity on who will provide them with the equipment they need and who will leave them high and dry.

This is where payment on delivery would be helpful. Someone needed to come in and provide a safer way to buy miners. A way in which you don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars and hope you get your order.

Asicverse, a new mining supplier, did just that. They’re one of the few companies offering payment after delivery rather than before. This offers buyers peace of mind, since they know they’ll receive their hardware before making any kind of payment. Craig Caruth Jr., the CEO of Asicverse, has explained his intentions: “It’s time we change the game. Right now, suppliers are doing whatever they want. It’s largely unregulated and they’re taking advantage of that. We’re here to change that.”

Despite Asicverse’s early success, other suppliers will likely not follow in their footsteps. Interested crypto miners will need to go to Asicverse if they want to get reliable mining equipment they can afford without the fear of losing everything to a dishonest seller.


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