Stop Letting Your Miners Sit!

Finding hosting has never been harder. Hosting companies are scrambling to fill the demand. Luckily for you, Asicverse has access to over 20MW of hosting at a GREAT price.


Hosting Is One Of The Easiest Ways To Get Scammed - Here’s How To Avoid It.

Each day, hundreds of people send their miners to foreign countries and never see them again. All that, just to pay more then they would have with us.

It would usually take you years to build the connections and buy the amount of hosting we have. You could do it in days with us.

Easily find a state of the art facility and pay 23% less than what you would pay somewhere else. And, you would also save yourself hours of back and forth and unnecessary hassle.

Want a facility that’s in your state? We’ll find you one. Want a facility that's available today? You can have it.


Find Hosting For 1,000’s Of Miners In Days.


Stage 1Information

Speak with our hosting research agents to find a facility that best fits you. They will do days of research to find a facility that fits your price, lease term, etc.


Stage 2Talks With Facility

Our team of business professionals who have years of experience will push for the most favorable terms. This could mean a lower price, lower deposit, free maintenance or discounted repairs


Stage 3Make Money

Our engineering team will work ith the facility to get your miners up and running. This is the best stage of the process. Because it’s when you start to make money!


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Contact us for our address in Miami, FL. You can also schedule appointments by calling 215 - 479 - 0565 or filling out the form.

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