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Sell Your Miners Fast

Asicverse has hundreds of clients that are ready to purchase your miners!

Asicverse Handles Everything

From logistics to sales, Asicverse will handle and pay for it all. Not a single cent is required from you.

Low Fees

When it comes to selling miners, most broker will take up to 10$! Asicverse adds their fee on top of the price, so nothing comes out of your pocket.

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Get Up To $100,000 Instantly.

After verification, Asicverse will send you up to a $100,000 deposit to reserve the miners in our warehouse while we find a buyer. Asicverse will test, clean, repair and prepare your units!

Our Sales Team Will Find A Buyer.

Our sales team will work 24/7 to find you a buyer who is willing to pay the price you're asking.

Collect Your Funds!

Once you agree to sell, Asicverse will send you your money instantly!


Worth Of ASICs Sold For Clients

Asicverse has lots of experience selling!


Average Sale Time

Get your miners sold fast!


ASICs In Storage

We currently have over 200 ASICs in storage!



We charge NO fees!

How Does It Work?

1. After verifying you, Asicverse will send you up to $100,000 to have your miners stored in our warehouse. Asicverse only sells top notch units, so we will test, clean, repair and prepare your units.

What Is FBA

FBA stands for Fulfillment By Asicverse. It's an industry leading service that allows miners to easily sell thousands of miners in days.

Asicverse will handle all fulfillment of miners as well as testing, cleaning, repair and preparation your units.

What's The MOQ?

There is no MOQ! Any miner, no matter size, can use our service.

How Much Does Asicverse Take?

Asicverse will take 0% of the price you ask! We add our fee on top so your profit margins stay intact.

What Is Asicverse Brokerage?

Asicverse Brokerage is for miners who are either still using their miners or want to keep them in storage.

How Can I Verify Asicverse?

Asicverse has been featured in many notable websites such as Bloomberg, IBM News and Yahoo.

Our founders have a noteworthy track record and have worked for various Fortune 500 companies.

For miners who want over $100k worth of miners sold, we will fly you out to our Miami, FL warehouse or Texas warehouse.

From there, we will send you a $100,000 deposit to hold and show the units to our buyers.

Meet The Team

Learn from the experts on the cutting-edge of deception at the most sinister companies.

Our Locations.


Miami, USA


Houston, USA


Manitoba, CA

Mandeep patel


Ahmed Malik


Craig Caruth Jr.



Partial Service
$1,000 In Free Marketing
Test All Miners
Sell Within 1 Week
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Fulfillment By Asicverse

Full service
Instantly Get Up To $100,000 In Deposits
Sell Within 1-3 Days
Get 100% Of The Selling Price (No Fees)
$10,000 In Free Marketing
Free Warehouse And Logistics
Asicverse Will Test 100% Of Miners
First Priority (Sell Faster)
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