Antminer S9

Antminer S9s In Miami, Florida!

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Buying Antminer S9s Has Never Been Easier

Easily save time and money with the wide array of features offered by Asicverse.

How Asicverse Saves You Thousands!

Avoid getting scammed! Most deals typically involve multiple scummy middlemen who each mark the miners up 20%. Asicverse has cut out all of the middlemen and we pass the saving to you!

100% Of Your Miners Are Guaranteed To Work

All machines are fully tested and cleaned before they’re sent out. If a machine isn’t working, you can avoid losing money and get it replaced for free!

Limited Time: Free Shipping

Shipping is on us! Don’t worry about losing more money to fees, shipping costs, etc.

Protect Your Money: View Before Paying

Nowadays, scams are everywhere. Last year, scammers took around $14B in crypto. To avoid getting scammed, see the units in person before purchasing to protect your money.

Risk-Free 28 Day Warranty

If any of the miners break within 28 days, we’ll replace them for free!

We Don't Get Paid Until Your Miners Arrive with Escrow

We offer many different safe payment options, including escrow. This means that a lawyer will hold your money until you tell him the machines have arrived. It’s the safest form of payment.

Average delivery time (days)


Lower then the closest competitor.


of the miners are GUARANTEED to work on arrival

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